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Business Group on Health is a community of members, a team of experts, an ally for large employers, a health and benefits authority, and a tenacious voice in health care policy, to name just a few of our roles.

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Lowering costs
Control Costs
Better manage your health benefit programs so you can offer your employees the very best – and keep your company’s health care costs under control.
Network and Learn
Connect with other Business Group on Health members to learn what is and isn’t working for them, then apply that to your own health and benefits strategy.
Outpace Challenges
Access to data, surveys, research, and policy information means solutions are always within reach and compliance is easier than ever.

No organization brings together
employers, thought leaders and industry
stakeholders to address leading
trends, drive innovation and industry
transformation like the Business Group.

David Stark, Chief Medical Officer and Global Head of Benefits, Morgan Stanley

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Aug 08, 2022
"We Can Make Strides in Preventing...
On today’s episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Dr. Christine Yu Moutier, psychiatrist and Chief Medical...
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Jul 25, 2022
Is the Future of Medicine Functional Medicine? A...
On today’s episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Dr. Mark Hyman, multi-time #1 New York Times Bestselling...
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Jul 11, 2022
When Pay Isn’t Enough: Driving Business Value...
On today’s episode of the Business Group on Health Podcast, we speak with Timothy Flacke and explore the question: “what more do...
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Jun 21, 2022
Conversations about End-of-Life Care are Key to...
Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider talks about grief, death and dying and caregiving, as well how employers can create a space that fosters...
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Jun 06, 2022
The Impact of Climate Change on Our Collective...
Dr. Susan Clayton discusses the relationship between warming weather and our mood and sleep, the emotional toll on people...
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May 23, 2022
Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier in Health Care
Dr. Greenleaf discusses the many applications of VR, its advantages as a health and well-being tool, and what the next decade...
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May 09, 2022
Your Gut Reaction is Real – How Gut Health...
Dr. Emeran Mayer discusses the bidirectional communication between the brain and the gut, the physical and emotional...
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Apr 18, 2022
The Social and Emotional Tax of Sleep Loss
Dr. Ben Simon describes what happens to our emotional reactivity and our relationships at home and at work when we sleep well --...
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Showing items 41-48 of 92
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