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Leadership Forum on Employee Experience
Mission & Objectives
The Leadership Forum on Employee Experience is dedicated to improving engagement in employer-provided health and well-being benefits and programs by identifying strategies that enhance the experience with these offerings. Engagement in health and well-being benefits and programs is a top priority for employers because it has the potential to mitigate health care costs and health-related absence, as well as play a role in workforce recruitment and retention. Employees who frequently participate in health-related programs are more likely to be engaged at work, satisfied with the workplace culture and valued by their employer. Yet engagement remains suboptimal for many employers, with employees often reporting difficulty accessing and utilizing benefits and programs.
The Leadership Forum convenes employers and partners to:
  • Develop an understanding of employee engagement successes and challenges through the identification of best practices, frustrations and gaps in solutions; and
  • Identify practical strategies and promising solutions to create an improved, more holistic experience for employees with health benefits and well-being programs.

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