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Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute
Mission & Objectives
The Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute’s mission is to deploy the healthiest, most productive, engaged and competitive workforce possible to boost business performance and empower great people and communities. Its objectives are to:
  • Identify high-impact holistic well-being strategies that improve employee physical and mental health, financial well-being, social connectedness and job satisfaction.
  • Promote strategic leave, flexibilities and work-life solutions that help employees be their best at work, at home and in the community.
  • Apply an equity lens to all we do, assessing and solving for disparities in well-being engagement and outcomes and addressing social needs and determinants as essential to health and well-being strategies and solutions.
  • Address the future workforce that will be characterized by human-tech integration, diversity and inclusion and human capital trends intersecting with health and well-being initiatives.
  • Connect employee well-being to business performance metrics such as talent attraction; engagement and retention; customer satisfaction and loyalty; profitability; safety performance; and industry-specific measures.
  • Realize the value of cross-functional collaboration with teams including real estate and facilities, safety, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and learning and development to advance well-being in all policies.
  • Identify and share ways to infuse well-being throughout the organization and compel leaders at all levels, from front-line employees to C-Suite executives, to embrace a well-being culture and mindset.

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Leadership Committee
One leadership committee is housed under the Institute, which focus on specific tactics for well-being and workforce strategy.
Leave Optimization Forum
leave optimization
Mission & Objectives
The Business Group’s Leave Optimization Forum addresses shared challenges and opportunities for leave policies and their intersection with health, well-being and productivity. Paid leave is critical to maximize organizational performance and support the diverse needs of a modern workforce. At the same time, employers and employees face challenges navigating and managing the leave experience, compounded for employers by the rising cost of managing time away and the accelerating regulatory and compliance burden.
The Forum convenes employers, partners and subject matter experts to:
  • Develop a shared understanding of “what’s working and not working” today for employers taking a holistic view of leave through the identification of best practices and common challenges, frustrations and gaps in solutions; and
  • Form consensus about how to address these gaps, set priorities and seek solutions in the product/service market as well as in the policy arena.

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