2024 Large Employer Health Care Strategy Survey: Full Report

A summary of all survey findings - from the heightened role of health and well-being to rising health care costs in 2024.


August 22, 2023

The annual hallmark survey predicts the upcoming year's landscape of employer-sponsored health care.

This members-only document pulls together the findings from a survey of 152 large employers that cover a combined 19 million covered lives in the United States. The survey focuses on critical health care topics, such as the role that health and well-being play in overall workforce strategy and critical actions needed to advance health care quality.

As in years past, the survey gathered key plan design and health care cost data to create aggregate findings on how employer-sponsored health care will change in the coming year.

You can view the full report by clicking the download button below.

2024 Large Employer Health Care Strategy Survey: Full Report

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