Key Insights and Learnings: Employers' Forum on Mental Health & Emotional Well-being
Employers are paying more attention to mental health and emotional well-being in 2017 and looking for strategies to connect their employees to high-quality mental health care and promote positive emotional well-being in the workplace. See highlights from our recent Employers' Forum to see what's top of mind.

Biosimilars Checklist
To date, four biosimilar medications have been approved for the U.S. market, two of which are currently being promoted to doctors and patients. It has become clear that these drugs are no longer just a prospect on the horizon, but an important consideration for the here and now. The Business Group has put together this checklist to help guide employers as they take steps to integrate biosimilars into a strategy centered on high-value, cost-effective care.

Key Insights and Learnings: 2017 Employers' Summit on Health Care Costs & Solutions
The 2017 Employers' Summit on Health Care Costs & Solutions - Leadership in a Time of Change - focused on key trends in health care, policy and leadership in human resources. The summit was an opportunity for close to 100 benefit leaders to come together early in the health care planning cycle to reflect on 2016 initiatives, discuss strategy for 2017 and begin to plan for 2018 and beyond.

Wellness Champions: Survey Findings and Employer Examples
This survey addresses how employers manage their wellness champion network and communications and focuses specifically on the scope of wellness champion networks both in the U.S. and globally, the process used to identify wellness champions, and the methods used to evaluate their effectiveness. Fifty members of the Business Group responded to this survey.

Vendor Experience – Learnings from Large Employers in Seven Different Industries
Learnings from a series of seven industry benchmarking calls on how employers have developed vendor partnerships that work within their company’s culture. Includes key takeaways and specific examples

Therapies and Supports for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Families
At least 88% of large employers cover some type of autism benefit, but the breadth and scope of treatments covered varies widely. This Benefit Manager Guide outlines the clinical evidence for the most common autism treatments and other considerations for employers as they seek to support children with autism and their working caregivers.

Beware of Fraud, Waste and Abuse
This Special Alert highlights key real-time, actionable insights based on information received through the National Business Group on Health’s participation with Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership that can help you detect possible fraud, waste and abuse in your health care program.

The Hype About Happiness: Why Positive Emotions are Good for Your Employees and the Bottom Line
Employers have the opportunity to improve the emotional well-being of their employees which leads to lasting benefits that are not only good for employees and their overall well-being, but help improve overall business performance..

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