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Workplace nutrition programs play an integral role in supporting employee health. Full-time working adults spend about 50% of their waking hours at work, and are likely to eat at least one or more meals and/or snacks per day in the workplace. Providing and promoting healthy food choices in cafeterias, vending machines, and at business functions can help to build a supportive foods made available at the workplace. More importantly, not doing so can sabotage the health improvement and weight management activities and efforts already in place.

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Seven Ways to Refresh Your Healthy Dining Program Seven Ways to Refresh Your Healthy Dining Program
Presents actionable ways organizations can encourage employees to make smarter food choices and support a healthy diet.

Promoting Healthy Weight Through Healthy Dining at Work Promoting Healthy Weight Through Healthy Dining at Work
This toolkit is designed to help employers provide a healthy food environment by providing assessment tools, sample policy and RFP language.

Mindful Eating: Food For Thought Mindful Eating: Food For Thought
Provides an overview on the practice of mindfulness and mindful eating and how to incorporate the practice into daily living as well as in the corporate setting.



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