Leave Management

Leave management is a broad category encompassing paid voluntary leave such as paid time off (PTO),  vacation or sick leave; disability and absence programs like short-term disability; and other leave categories including parental and bereavement leave.

Paid leave is consistently one of the highest benefit expenses for employers.  The average cost of paid leave is $4.20 per hour worked (8.6% of total compensation) for U.S. private industry employers with more than 500 employees.  In comparison, insurance benefits (including health, life, short-term disability and long-term disability insurance) averaged $4.62 per hour worked (9.5% of total compensation) and retirement and savings averaged $2.94 per hour worked (6.0% of total compensation).1

While leave may seem like a costly perk for employers, the benefits of well-managed leave programs often outweigh the expense through positive impacts on performance, employee health and well-being, talent acquisition, retention and absence management.

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Also of Interest

1 Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employer Costs for Employee Compensation -- June 2017


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