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Decision support tools and programs help employees make better health care decisions and more easily navigate the complex health care system. These tools and programs typically address treatment options, provider choices, health plan options, health account funding, and cost/budgeting challenges. Examples range from high-touch approaches, like personal health assistants and expert medical consultations, to high-tech applications such as health care shopping platforms, interactive online tools, and claims-based personalized messaging.

Employers continue to look at new solutions that can provide a simple, centralized approach to health care decision-making for employees. Third parties can leverage health care analytics to shift from a traditional, one-size-fits-all customer service approach to a proactive, personalized approach that assists the employees in getting the right care at the right time.

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Consumer Health Mindset® Study 2017: Full Report Consumer Health Mindset® Study 2017: Full Report
Survey to understand employees and covered dependents' perspectives and attitudes towards their health, employer-sponsored wellness programs and their health benefits.

Transparency Tools Side-by-Side Comparisons Transparency Tools Side-by-Side Comparisons
Provides a landscape analysis of companies that provide transparency tools, what services they offer, distinguishing characteristics and reported outcomes.

Resources from Consumer Reports to Engage and Employer Employees to Make Better Health Care Decisions Resources from Consumer Reports® to Engage and Employer Employees to Make Better Health Care Decisions
Employers can disseminate the reports to employees so that they can become more informed and engaged consumers of health care and make better decisions that help get appropriate, safe and affordable care.



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