Pharmacy Plan Design

Prescription drugs are integral to high quality health care; they help prevent and treat acute and chronic conditions and can help patients avoid costly medical problems and unnecessary treatments. In the U.S., spending for prescription drugs accounted for about $324 billion in 2015 (Figure 1). However, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) predicts a continued annual spending increase of more than 6% from now until 2025, which means more than half a trillion dollars would be spent annually on prescription drugs by 2022. Alarmingly, up to 50% of prescribed medication is not taken as directed, contributing to excess waste and spending as well as to increased patient morbidity and mortality. Specialty drug spending, in particular, is of major concern for employers, with prices and utilization escalating at an unprecedented rate.

The pharmacy benefit is a major focus for employers given the high utilization of pharmaceuticals and their rising cost. Employers have implemented a number of techniques to manage spend through techniques including prior authorization, step therapy and utilization management. The National Committee on Pharmacy Benefits and Specialty Medicine focuses on ways employers can optimize their pharmacy benefits, as well as strategies for specialty medication management.

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