Using Population Data to Develop Localized Strategies at Michelin

October 24, 2019

October 24, 2019             

Like many employers, Michelin has sought to motivate and support their employees on a journey towards wellness. Five years ago, they created a scorecard reporting program which gave them localized insights for their populations at 17 of their facilities across the country. Michelin used this population data to identify patterns of high-cost claims and areas of opportunity for wellness. Based on the analysis Michelin assigned Health Engagement Coordinators to implement specific programs, such as maternity or musculoskeletal, geared to individual location needs. Learn how Michelin used their data to lower high cost claims, improve member outcomes and implement specific programs for ROI.


Barry Cross| Senior Director, Benefits, Compensation and Retirement , Michelin North America

Jason Elliott|Vice President of Customer Experience ,Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS)




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