Cancer: Improve Quality, Reduce Costs

Explores how cancer is driving health care costs and what employers can do to provide the best care and mitigate costs.


December 19, 2023

The 2024 Large Employer Health Care Strategy Survey found that among the 152 large employers participating in the survey, cancer remains at the top of the list of cost drivers of health care costs. This is partially due to an increase in late-stage cancers as a result of pandemic-driven delays in medical care and the rapid pace of clinical innovation introducing more effective, but costly, therapies to an already complex treatment landscape.

Top Conditions Driving Health Care Costs for Large Employers, 2021-2023. Cancer: 80%, 83%, 86%. Musculoskeletal: 84%, 76% 75%. Cardiovascular: 37%, 30% 30%. Diabetes: 43%, 28%, 27%.  High-risk maternity/NICU: nd, nd, 5% 
Top Conditions Driving Health Care Costs for Large Employers, 2021-2023

Higher Prevalence of Late-stage Cancers Due to Delayed Screenings

currently seeing impact: 10%; anticipate seeing impact: 23%

Recommendations to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Consider how Centers of Excellence (COEs) can enhance treatment outcomes and patient experience for patients in need of more novel and complex therapies.

of employers will have COEs in place for cancer in 2024

Consider alternative payment models to reward better outcomes.

Work with your partners to ensure ease of access to quality care and innovative treatments by building a comprehensive cancer management program that provides navigation, second-opinion and decision-support services.

Consider the impact of innovation in precision medicine and new screenings for cancer care and detection.

of employers will cover genomic testing for cancer treatments in 2024

Cultivate a workplace culture, including accommodations, that supports cancer as a chronic condition and prioritizes affordability for patients and caregivers.

of employers will cover multi-cancer early detection blood tests in 2024

Evaluate prior authorization to remove barriers and promote access to most effective treatments.

For more information on these recommendations, please read Emerging Trends in Cancer Care.

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Cancer: Improve Quality, Reduce Costs

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