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Employee Assistance Programs For a Global Workforce: An Employer Toolkit

EAP Toolkit

As companies become increasingly global, employers continue to search for ways to improve the health and productivity of their employees around the world. One way that employers are working toward this goal is by putting employee assistance program(s) (EAPs) globally. The Global Business Group on Health (GBGH) has developed a comprehensive toolkit that addresses the needs of employers as they implement and promote these programs in their locations around the world.

Download the entire toolkit here. Global locked secured document

Toolkit Elements

Introduction Global locked secured document
An introduction to employee assistance programs around the world.

Vendor Materials
Vendor Summaries
Chart of Global EAP Vendor Country Offerings
Chart of Global, Local and Regional Vendors

Employer Case Studies
Transcripts and slide decks from four GBGH webinars. Employer presenters discussed their global EAP model and commented on details such as purchasing decisions, utilization rates, programming and communications.

Country-Specific Materials
A brief overview of why employers should consider offering an employee assistance program in each GBGH target country, as well as a description of the mental health system and status of EAPs in that country.

Information for Purchasing
Lessons Learned for Purchasing Global locked secured document
Sample Request for Proposal (RFP) Questions Global locked secured document

Monitoring and Evaluation Global locked secured document
Information employers can use to gauge the effectiveness of their global employee assistance programs.

Promotion and Implementation
Implementing a Global EAP: Where Do I Start? Global locked secured document
10 Employer Tips to Increase EAP Utilization and Effectiveness Global locked secured document


Note: This is not a complete listing or an endorsement of any specific vendor. To add a vendor or report changes to the information presented, please email

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