What's Weight Bias Got to Do With It?

What's Weight Bias Got to Do With It?​ How Negative Attitudes about Overweight and Obesity are Undermining your Weight Management Strategy... and What You Can Do About It.

Although 70% of adults in the U.S. have overweight or obesity, weight bias is nevertheless all too pervasive in our society - and this includes the workplace. Negative attitudes toward people with overweight and obesity are commonly expressed in popular culture, leading weight bias to be dubbed the last socially acceptable form of discrimination. It’s especially discouraging to learn that exposure to these negative attitudes is demoralizing and in fact both impedes weight loss and contributes to weight gain.

Addressing weight bias in the workplace and in employee communications is thus critical to the success of your weight management strategy. But how can you tell if it exists in your workplace, and what can you do to tackle it? In addition to discussing why weight bias is bad for your employees and your business, this interactive training session will offer practical ways you can mitigate it in your organization.


Joe Nadglowski, President & CEO,Obesity Action Coalition

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