Social Determinants Matter

It’s time to turn our attention to social determinants of health and take a broader approach in pursuit of optimal health for all employees.

Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. While employers have traditionally focused on healthy lifestyle factors to improve employee well-being, social determinants of health make up as much as 40% of an individual’s health status. 

This webinar features a deep-dive into a recently published Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine article on the unique role of the workplace as a determinant of employee health and an influencer of social determinants of health outside of the workplace.

Join us for:
An overview of what social determinants of health are and why they matter to businesses;
How social determinants of health, employer-sponsored well-being programs and organizational culture fit together; and
What employers can do to address social determinants for their workforce and for the communities where they’re located.


Bruce Sherman, MD, Medical Director, Population Health Management, RightOpt
David Hoke, Senior Director, Associate Health & Well-being, Walmart

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