It's Flu Season: Employer Strategies for Increasing Vaccination Rates

Tens of thousands of people died from the flu last year in the U.S., including a record high number of children, according to the CDC. Close to a million people go to the hospital for the flu every year too. Vaccinations are the best tool available for preventing death, harm, and lost productivity due to the flu, but many employers and public health departments struggle with convincing people to get them. Hear from one leading employer about their comprehensive flu vaccination strategy and a vaccination expert on the evidence for increasing vaccination rates. 
The webinar will feature:

  • Evidence on the impact of vaccinations on prevention of the flu and associated costs related to treatment, particularly for people with chronic conditions; 
  • Effective strategies for increasing rates of flu vaccination among working populations, including communication tools to encourage uptake; 
  • An overview of PepsiCo’s strategies for increasing flu vaccination rates amongst its employee and dependent populations;


Susan Moley, Senior Director, Global Wellness, PepsiCo
Ruvim Izikson, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Sanofi Pasteur
Dylan Landers-Nelson, Manager, Health Care Cost and Delivery, National Business Group on Health


*Due to confidential reasons, the webinar presentation could not be shared.

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