Award Winning Success Stories on Identifying Social Determinants of Health and their Approaches to Advance Health Equity

Developing initiatives and interventions that aim to reduce disparities and advance health equity should be a top priority for employers. People who live in mostly minority communities continue to have lower socioeconomic status, greater barriers to health care access and greater risks for disease, as well as a greater burden of disease compared with the general population living in the same county or state. Therefore, addressing the social determinants of health are essential to achieving population-wide well-being. Employers have an important role to play in developing effective and sustainable interventions, and then connecting broader policies and community partners to effectively address the social determinants of health. Integration of these efforts is crucial for the elimination of disparities in health care and to advance health equity.

Join this webinar to hear the 2018 Innovation and Advancing Health Equity award winning companies:

Approach to advancing health equity;
Current and future initiatives in place that address health equity and;

How they identify and address social determinants for specific populations

Register to learn how these companies succeeded in making health equity a strategic priority and the importance of addressing the social determinants of health — ultimately leading to a more healthy, engaged and productive workforce.


Mellisa S. Wheeler, Director Disparities & Outreach, Levine Cancer Institute, Atrium Health
Eileen Evert, Senior Director Health and Wellness & Michelle Passaretti, Senior Director Health Innovations, Geisinger
Sheila K. Shapiro, Senior Vice President, National Strategic Partnerships, UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services


Joneyse Harley, Manager, Award & Recognition Programs, National Business Group on Health

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