15th Annual Employer-Sponsored Health and Well-being Survey: Employers’ Steadfast Commitment to Employee Well-being

Well-being continues to play an important role in employers’ overall workforce strategy. Read this year’s survey report to learn about how employers are addressing well-being within their benefits and programs.


May 29, 2024

Survey of 160 large employers that focused on how well-being is evolving for 2024 and beyond.

The 15th Annual Employer-Sponsored Health and Well-being Survey, fielded by Business Group on Health and Fidelity Workplace Consulting, explores trends and emerging well-being strategies. Fielded in January-February 2024, 160 employers responded to this year's survey.

Key Takeaways

  • 1 | Employers have entered a period of assessment and scrutiny as they revisit approaches.
  • 2 | Employer dollars invested in well-being continue at the same level.
  • 3 | Global employers press forward with key priority areas.
  • 4 | Employers are eyeing other rapidly evolving issues that impact employee well-being.
  • 5 | Employers will continue to provide family-forming benefits and reproductive support.
  • 6 | On-site offerings at the worksite level out.
  • 7 | Lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs) continue to generate buzz and curiosity, but many employers are still weighing implementation.

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