Reversing Diabetes: How Jones Lang LaSalle is Tackling the Rx Cost Crisis

Only a few years ago, type 2 diabetes meant a life sentence of insulin injections, rising out of pocket costs, and debilitating complications for most patients—and skyrocketing costs for employers. With the recent rise of diabetes reversal treatment, patients now have a path toward normalizing their glucose levels while eliminating costly medications and complications.

Employers are taking notice too. The Business Group’s 2020 Large Employers’ Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey lists diabetes among the top medical and Rx cost drivers for employers, and 1 in 3 NBGH members are considering adding a diabetes-specific telehealth solution to their covered services. With few effective options to rein in spiraling prescription drug costs, diabetes reversal represents a potent new tool.

During this webinar, Adam Moret, Sr. Well-being Specialist at JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle), will reveal the transformations diabetes reversal has brought to his diabetic population, along with its impact on prescription drug utilization. Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Medical Director at Virta Health, will explain how diabetes reversal works.

This webinar will explore the following topics in detail:

  • JLL’s Story: Why JLL decided to support diabetes reversal, and the results it has seen to date, including major reductions in prescription drug utilization.
  • The diabetes reversal opportunity: How innovations in continuous remote care have opened up a new category of diabetes treatment.


Adam Moret, Sr. Well-being Specialist, JLL
Sarah Hallberg, MD, Medical Director, Virta Health


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