The Crucial Role of Doulas for Black Birthing Parents

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February 27, 2023

More people die in the United States during childbirth each year than in any other developed nation. For Black birthing parents, mortality rates are significantly higher than they are for white birthing parents. Providing birth doulas as a supportive part of a birthing team can help mitigate these statistics by leading to greater empowerment and better labor outcomes. On this episode of the Business Group on Health podcast, we speak to Tracie Collins, CEO and Founder of the National Black Doulas Association, and Nancy Jester, Senior Manager of Physical and Emotional Well-Being at Walmart, about how birth doulas impact outcomes, barriers to utilizing them, and why they’re especially crucial for Black birthing people. We’ll also hear more about Walmart’s doula benefit, discuss how it became a priority for their organization, and share advice for other employers.


Tracie Collins | CEO and Founder, National Black Doulas Association

Nancy Jester | Senior Manager of Physical and Emotional Well-Being, Walmart Inc.

Ellen Kelsay | President and CEO, Business Group on Health

Duration 38 min

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