who we are

Our Mission

The National Business Group on Health is the national voice of large employers dedicated to finding innovative and forward-thinking solutions to the nation's most important health care issues.

Board of Directors

Key Objectives and Strategies

Provide business solutions

  • Provide practical solutions, including identifying and promoting best practices among large employers
  • Where practical solutions do not exist, provide a forum for members and others to come together to create new solutions and learn from each other

Be the national voice of large employers

  • Be a credible, visible leader in key issues, including in the media
  • When new issues arise, create methods or venues (such as the Public Policy Advisory Group) for large employers to form a point of view, then represent that point of view to the public

Link large employers with Washington

  • Provide an ongoing and credible two-way information link between Washington policymakers and large employers on key health care issues
  • Continue to be the premier organization from whom policymakers learn about large employer health care perspective and practices
  • Have a reputation among large employers as being involved and effective in national health policy debates

Drive enlightened national policy on health and productivity issues

  • Be an active player in key policy debates that impact health and productivity
  • Promote a forward-thinking point of view on current and future health care issues on behalf of large employers
  • Actively educate our members and others about health care issues that might not be obvious today but may have important ramifications in the future

Facilitate hands-on member involvement / Involve members directly

  • Involve every member company in our organization in a way that is meaningful to the member company and to the Business Group
  • Facilitate members' abilities to educate policymakers on large company health care practices and perspectives
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