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Trends & Solutions in Leave Management: What Employers Need to Know

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The Trends & Solutions in Leave Management Toolkit can help employers develop strategic leave programs that maximize organizational performance and support the diverse needs of the modern workforce.

Leave management is a broad category, encompassing paid voluntary leave such as paid time off (PTO), vacation or sick leave; disability and absence programs like short-term disability; and other types of leave including parental and bereavement.

This toolkit shares the associated costs and value of leave, an overview of leave programs and business considerations and current trends and innovative practices in leave management.

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Trends & Solutions in Leave Management: What Employers Need to Know (Download the entire toolkit.)


Part 1: Strategic Leave Programs Tackle Absence and Other Associated Costs

  • Absence is More Expensive than Health Insurance
  • Unplanned Absence is a Top Challenge
  • Unused Leave is a Financial Liability
  • Paid Leave Can Deliver Rewards that Outweigh the Costs
  • 10 Tips for Managing Employee Absence
  • Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Law: A Brief Overview of Business Impact

Part 2: Design Leave Programs for Your Workforce and Business Priorities

  • Traditional Leave
  • Paid-Time Off Leave
  • Traditional vs. PTO: A Summary of Differences
  • Holidays and Other Leave Types
  • Facebook Gives Grieving Employees 20 Days of Bereavement Leave
  • Medical and Disability-Related Leave
  • Leave-Sharing and Donation Programs
  • Business Considerations for Reviewing and Resigning Leave Programs

Part 3: Parental, Sick and Unlimited Leave are Trending

  • Parental Leave has the Attention of Employers, Policy Makers and Working Parents
  • How Much Additional Leave Will Employee Take? A California Study
  • Business Case for Parental Leave
  • Maternity Leave and Employment of New Mothers in the United States: A Longitudinal Study
  • Unlimited Leave: Advantages, Disadvantages and Unknowns
  • State and Local Sick Leave Laws Are Proliferating
  • Other Leave Innovations
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