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Managing Stress: Employer Strategies & Interventions

Increasing job demands, competing family priorities and an anemic economy have led to high stress becoming the "new normal" for many employees. At appropriate levels, stress can drive employee productivity. However, approximately 1 in 3 employees are experiencing high stress levels that can have the opposite effect. High stress can lead to serious health issues, increase health care costs and reduce employee performance. It has also been shown to negatively affect employee satisfaction and turnover.

In response to its increasing prevalence, employers are seeking ways to address and reduce stress within the workplace. Managing Stress: Employer Strategies & Interventions provides the information necessary to help employers develop a comprehensive stress management strategy, from assessing the prevalence and causes of stress, to reducing common stressors and helping employees better cope with stressful situations. Even for employers who may be unable to tackle stress head on, this toolkit will provide ideas for consideration and implementation.

Download entire toolkit. (60 pages)

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Page last updated: August 15, 2013