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Wellness Champions

Building a Thriving Wellness Champion Network: A Panel Discussion with Leading Employers
Wellness champions bring passion and authenticity to well-being programs and have become a popular engagement strategy. According to a recent NBGH survey, 77% of large employers have some type of established wellness champion network. However, differences in network design, maturity and effectiveness exist. This panel discussion will showcase three large employers and how they have established successful wellness champion networks at their organizations to promote a culture of health.
Oct 18, 2017
Wellness Champions: Program Templates
As employers build their wellness champion network, a host of documents may be necessary to secure your wellness champions and train them. Below are templates created and shared by Business Group members to assist in developing your wellness champion network.
May 12, 2017
Building an Engaged Well-being Culture: Strategies and Insights from CNO Financial Group BEHL Webinar
Hear how CNO Financial Group, a Well-being Top Honors winner, has established an engaged well-being culture and how the company uses comprehensive data analysis to identify areas of focus to achieve the most meaningful and impactful results. This webinar also provides insights and tips for completing the 2017 application.
Feb 8, 2017
Wellness Champions: Quick Survey Findings and Employer Examples
The purpose of this survey was to learn how employers manage their wellness champion network and communications. This survey focuses specifically on the scope of wellness champion networks both in the U.S. and globally, the process used to identify wellness champions, and the methods used to evaluate their effectiveness. In addition to survey results, this document explores specific best practices for structuring wellness champion networks and methods used by employers to evaluate wellness champion's effectiveness.
Jan 30, 2017
2017 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Application
Jan 26, 2017
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Webinar 2016: Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being
Webinar on the updated criteria for the 2016 application, including how the five drivers of employee well-being are integrated throughout the application along with examples of how to incorporate the drivers in your well-being strategy.
Jan 25, 2016
Wellness Staffing and Administration
Employers are focusing more on improving the health of their employee population in an effort to improve productivity, lower health care costs and improve the success of the company. The purpose of this survey is to determine how employers staff their wellness departments. In addition, the survey looks at employers’ use of wellness champions and committees to design and roll out new initiatives. Fifty-two members of the Business Group responded to this survey.
Dec 11, 2014
Seven Ways to Engage Managers in Employee Health and Well-being
This publication reviews each of 7 methods employers are using to maximize middle managers’ support of for health and well-being programs.
Nov 13, 2014
Wellness Champions: Local Advocates for Healthy Living
Highlights common themes that are beginning to emerge related to the selection of wellness champions, their responsibilities, compensation and employer support tactics.
Oct 19, 2010

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