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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Improving Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorder (Addiction)
These Virtual Summit slides will increase your knowledge of employer strategies for addressing SUD in the workplace, best practices for identifying and increasing access to evidence-based treatment, and emerging approaches to help connect employees and their dependents who are struggling with SUD to get access to the help they need.
Aug 19, 2019
Mental Health at Work Infographic
This infographic shares the prevalence of mental health issues among working adults, business impacts and actionable strategies for employers.
May 29, 2019
Quick Survey Findings: Employee Assistance Programs
The purpose of this survey was to determine how other employers structure their employee assistance programs (EAPs) or EAP-like programs. This survey looks specifically at eligibility requirements, services offered and utilization metrics. Seventy-one members of the Business Group responded to this survey, although the number may vary from question to question.
May 6, 2019
Increasing Employee Assistance Program Effectiveness and Utilization: New Approaches and Emerging Trends
This Top Solutions gives a broad overview of the current state of EAPs, as well as new approaches and emerging trends for creating a highly effective program. Tactics are based on new research as well as cutting-edge strategies being implemented by employer thought leaders and their vendor partners.
Apr 17, 2018
Preparing Your Company for a Natural Disaster: A Hurricane Harvey Case Study
This infographic provides a look at how employers can prepare for and handle natural disasters.
Oct 25, 2017
Natural Disaster Response: Stepping Up, Giving Back and Leading Forward
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, employers have a significant role in providing needed leadership and assistance to employees, families and communities. Their contributions are often critical to the physical and emotional recovery of those affected.
Oct 13, 2017
Evidence-Based Approaches to Substance Use Disorder (Addiction) Treatment
Substance use disorder (SUD) is a growing concern for employers for several reasons, including the opioid epidemic, concerns about fraud, out-of-network costs, and the huge impact it has on employee health and productivity. Only 10% of people with SUD receive medical treatment for their condition and stigma remains a serious concern. Employers have several strategies available to increase the chances their employees avoid SUD, and receive appropriate treatment to overcome this chronic disease.
Jul 27, 2017
Mental Health and Emotional Well-being: A Call to Action for Employers
Employers face several unique and complex challenges in their quest to support the mental health and emotional well-being of their workforce; solutions aren't always clear. This publication outlines the major challenges to addressing this issue employers have articulated through Business Group benchmarking, several solutions that have seen success for many employers, and a call to action for making mental health and emotional well-being a priority in 2017 and into the future.
Nov 15, 2016
Agencies Finalize Excepted Benefits Regulations
The IRS, DOL, and HHS finalized regulations that amend the excepted benefits rules to: (1) eliminate the requirement that self-insured plans charge an additional participant contribution for limited-scope dental or vision benefits to qualify as excepted benefits; and (2) set standards for employee assistance programs (EAPs) to qualify as excepted benefits.
Sep 30, 2014
Final Mental Health Parity Rules: What's Changed and What's the Same
During this webinar, we provide an overview of the new regulations under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and how they apply to group health plans.
Nov 22, 2013
IRS Issues Additional Guidance on W-2 Reporting Requirement under the Affordable Care Act
The IRS has issued additional guidance on how employers should report the costs of health coverage on Forms W-2.
Jan 5, 2012
Employer's Guide to Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Designed to help employers improve the delivery of child and adolescent behavioral health services, as well as improve services for family caregivers. This Guide details the impact of child and adolescent mental health disorders on the employer; major trends in epidemiology and treatment; and current challenges and recommendations for action.
Mar 6, 2009
An Employer's Guide to Employee Assistance Programs: Recommendations for Strategically Defining, Integrating and Measuring Employee Assistance Programs
Designed to help employers understand the strategic value of an employee assistance program, enhance the value of existing employee assistance programs, and to acknowledge the contributions that EAPs make in helping corporations achieve their business goals.
Dec 1, 2008
An Employer's Guide to Behavioral Health Services
Provides an overview of employer-sponsored behavioral health services in the United States, including services offered through Health plans, disability management programs, and employee assistance programs. The guide includes statistics on the costs and consequences of behavioral health conditions and provides a set of recommendations that employers can use to improve the design, implementation, and evaluation of their behavioral health benefits and worksite programs.
Dec 16, 2005
An Employer's Guide to Behavioral Health Services Executive Summary
An executive summary to the guide that includes an overview of employer-sponsored behavioral health services; costs associated with mental illness and substance abuse treatment; and recommendations to improve the design, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral health services.
Dec 16, 2005

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