Paid Leave


In recent years, state and local laws requiring paid sick, family, caregiver, or other forms of leave have proliferated. Currently, 10 states, the District of Columbia, and approximately 19 municipalities require employers to provide paid sick leave; 5 states and the District of Columbia require paid family leave. We expect that more states and municipalities will adopt similar leave requirements.

Large employers often provide leave benefits that match or exceed those required by law. However, state and local leave laws are disproportionately burdensome for employers because they require compliance with unique accrual, reporting, notice, and recordkeeping rules. It is therefore impossible for large employers to maintain and administer nationwide, uniform leave benefits.


Federal, state, and municipal lawmakers should minimize the administrative and cost burden of leave requirements by:

  • Establishing nationwide, uniform rules for providing and administering paid leave;
  • Having employers who provide leave benefits meeting or exceeding required leave amounts deemed in compliance with state or local law;
  • Consulting with employers, architects of IT systems, and other stakeholders during the development of any new leave proposals;
  • Harmonizing any new leave proposals with existing accrual, reporting, recordkeeping, and other administrative requirements; and
  • Allowing flexibility to adapt compliance procedures to employers’ existing payroll, HR, recordkeeping, IT, and other systems.


  • Employers recognize the value of paid leave in recruiting and retaining talent; improving employee health, morale, and productivity; and demonstrating community commitment.
  • The proliferation of diverse, intricate, and administratively burdensome leave requirements is inhibiting innovative leave designs.

The lack of uniformity within employer-sponsored leave benefits creates unfair disparities within workforces, diminishes the employee experience, and requires costly IT and administrative modifications.

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