Emergency Preparedness & Response

The success of a company's response to a terrorist attack, tornado, fire, or flood depends on advanced planning. Business continuity planning involves documenting the procedures, policies, and information intended to deliver continuity of critical functions in the event of any major disruption. This involves asking and answering very difficult questions.

  1. What organizational activities are essential to business operations?
  2. What employees are essential to successful completion of business operations?
  3. What specific processes will the company follow in the event of a localized or global event?
  4. Under what circumstances is the supply chain reliable/unreliable?
  5. How can the company support employees during and after emergency?
  6. Do local resources exist to support corporate emergency preparedness efforts?

The role of employers is important. They can involve the local community in company business continuity planning. To maximize the success of corporate response planning, companies should communicate openly with state and local public health and law enforcement agencies.

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