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Governance Communications

As benefits plans evolve and change in response to both internal corporate realities and regional variables, communications play a critical role in obtaining company-wide understanding and synchronization. Almost two thirds of responding GBGH members (65%) indicated that their companies communicate internally regarding governance issues.

Most members indicate that corporate HQ has a compelling need to keep regional and local finance and HR offices informed—whether annually or as needed—in the aftermath of reviews or when changes are made in areas such as company philosophy, overall governance structure, benefit design and matrices such as approval procedures. In fact, the importance of communications can be seen vividly during the course of the approval process.

Based on member interviews, some findings about different aspects of communications include the following:

  • At some companies, an annual global governance review focusing on retirement plans takes place in all the regions, followed by communications, mainly to HR and Finance departments;
  • Face-to-face communications are used, depending on the audience; also, some members routinely use slide deck presentations;
  • Communications with regions is delegated down the hierarchal ladder, and includes using outside vendors that are already working with local HR departments, etc.; and
  • Corporate is involved in communications when a particular financial threshold has been reached.

For Global Business Group members, it is clear that communications occur more on an as-needed basis than at specific intervals or in any kind of formal, structured way.

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