What is ICER and Why Should Employers Care?

In the face of ever-rising pharmaceutical drug prices, employers are in search of data-driven and evidence-based plan design solutions to help manage costs. The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has had enormous influence on the way stakeholders conceptualize drug pricing through its work in developing value-based price benchmarks. Interested in learning how to leverage cost effectiveness research in your formulary decision-making process? 

Join us on September 18 to hear early lessons learned and takeaways from ICER’s work and the reasons CVS Health just launched a new benefit design directly leveraging ICER’s reports.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

•How ICER's drug assessment reports are currently being used by payers, PBMs, and drug manufacturers
•The near-term opportunities for purchasers, either independently or with their PBMs, to leverage publicly available drug assessment reports in more systematic ways to control costs


Steve Pearson, President, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review
Surya Singh, Vice President, Specialty Client Solutions & Trend Management, CVS Health
Magda Rusinowski, Vice President, Health Care Cost & Delivery, National Business Group on Health (Moderator)


Webinar Resources:

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