Risk Management Strategies for Catastrophic Health Care Claims Employer-Only Webinar

Managing high-cost claimants is not a new concern for self-insured employers. Until recently, large claims for a single person rarely exceeded $1–$2 million. Now, driven largely by new specialty drugs, individuals with annual, ongoing health care costs that exceed $2 million are becoming more common, and the cost of treating rare conditions can reach $20 million annually.

The increasing size and frequency of catastrophic claims are leading employers to rethink their medical plan risk management strategies. Some that have historically been comfortable self-insuring their benefit plans without purchasing medical stop-loss insurance are reassessing that position.

The webinar presenters will discuss the catastrophic claim trends and risk management options available to large employers, including traditional medical stop-loss markets and their limitations; the use of captive insurance companies; and how to find the solution that best meets individual employer’s needs.


  • Daniel Davey, Principal and Stop Loss Specialty Practice Leader, Mercer
  • Rich Fuerstenberg, FSA, MAAA, FCA; Senior Partner, Mercer
  • Matias Arias-Duval,Associate Director, Health & Insurance Plans, Colgate-Palmolive Company


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