New Year, New Congress, New Health Policy? The Outlook in Washington for 2019

As the House changes hands, the Administration sets its agenda, and a federal court decision once again finds the ACA unconstitutional, what should we expect on the health policy agenda in 2019?

It looks like the old battles over the future of the ACA may take up more of the agenda than expected. There is increasing talk in Washington about securing individual insurance market reforms like the ban on pre-existing conditions, efforts to shore up the state exchanges, and encourage more Medicaid expansion. Sound familiar? Unfortunately while Congress and the Administration re-litigate and re-legislate the ACA, health care costs keep going up, more people find health care unaffordable, access to key services like mental health counseling becomes harder, and health system consolidation continues largely unabated. There are sensible policy solutions for these issues, and issues on the top of mind for employer plans, like repeal of the ACA excise tax on employer plans and HSA improvements. The webinar will look ahead to what we expect from Congress and the Administration in general and the prospects for employers’ priorities.


Steve Wojcik, Vice President, Public Policy, National Business Group on Health

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