Mental Health Digital Therapeutics at CVS: The Future of Employee Health Care

Over the past year, the topic of mental health and emotional well-being has gained substantial traction among employers. As such, the Business Group has made it a strategic priority for 2019. CVS Health, one of the nation’s largest employers and Pharmacy Benefits Managers is leading the charge for improved mental health, both for their own employees and workers across the country.

Join us for a webinar on June 11 to learn about how CVS Health is using sleep as a stigma-free way to address mental health within their employee population, and for a detailed look at the industry-first partnership between CVS Health and Big Health to bring digital therapeutics to their employer clients.

In this webinar you will:

  • Hear why mental health is a key focus area for CVS Health and other employers.
  • Discover how CVS Health is targeting sleep as part of a stigma-free approach to addressing mental health concerns.
  • Explore the concept of digital therapeutics and ways to incorporate them into plan design.


Lauri Tenney, Senior Director of Benefits, Health and Welfare, CVS Health
David Pokrywiecki, Director of Product Innovation, CVS Health
Dickon Waterfield, Chief Commercial Officer, Big Health


Webinar Resources:

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