Medtronic's Approach to Evolving the Way Health Benefits Work

The concept of consumerism has expanded far beyond transparency tools and high deductibles. Innovative plan designs and network models are increasingly built around the needs of the consumer, providing informed choice and transparency of both cost and quality.

Join us on August 21 to hear medical device manufacturer Medtronic’s journey to ensure they aligned the desire to offer great health benefits with maintaining cost. Learn more about their road to change and positive early results.

In this webinar:

  • Hear how Medtronic introduced Bind, an on-demand health insurance solution, to its members and familiarized them with a “zero deductible” plan design.
  • Explore early utilization trends of the enrolled population and potential implications on overall cost trend.


  • Amy Johnson, Director of U.S. Benefits, Medtronic
  • Shawn Wagoner, Sales and Network Leader, Bind


Webinar Resources:

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