How to Talk About Weight

The way we talk about weight - and weight management - matters. Research shows that words like “fat” or “obese” can be stigmatizing to people of a larger size, and that neutral terminology like “unhealthy weight” is preferred. Such seemingly small differences in language can make a big difference in reducing weight-related stigma and increasing engagement with weight management programs and benefits.

This webinar will offer an evidence-based summary of weight-related stigma and guidance on how to respectfully talk about weight. Drawing on years of research, Dr. Rebecca Puhl will share communication Do’s and Don’ts illustrated with examples of what motivates vs. what demoralizes your intended audience. You’ll walk away with new insights on how to improve weight-related communications at your company.

Note: Webinar registrants are invited to submit weight-related communication materials for the speaker to evaluate and offer feedback during the webinar. If featured, any communication materials from your company will be de-identified. Please email to share your materials.



Rebecca Puhl, PhD, Deputy Director, Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, University of Connecticut


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