Hemophilia: High Cost Claimants Webinar Series - Part VII

While Hemophilia is considered to be an ultra-rare disease (20,000 patients throughout the US), an employer who has even one of these beneficiaries within their health plan may know all too well that the costs can be staggering. The average annual cost for adults is approximately $250,000 a year, but that number can soar to $1M or higher if an inhibitor is developed, which occurs in approximately one-third of the hemophilia patient population.

There are steps that can be taken that may significantly drive down these costs and improve outcomes, but require employers to have transparent knowledge of where the majority of the costs lie, and the tools that will enable them to do so. In this webinar, an expert from the National Hemophilia Foundation will discuss these standards, the federally recognized multi-faceted model of care and will provide the transparency and data that can have an immediate impact on managing your spend.

Join this webinar for:

•An overview of the disease and the federally recognized care model that drives better outcomes, improves quality of life and lowers costs,
• A transparent overview of how costs can be higher than necessary,
• Plan design strategies and cost management methods that can show immediate savings, and
• Recommendations for employers on how they can provide enhanced support for employees and/or their dependents with hemophilia.


Steven Pipe, MD, Pediatric Medical Director, Hemophilia and Coagulation Disorders Program & Director, Special Coagulation Laboratory, University of Michigan
Kollet Koulianos, MBA, Director of Payer Relations, National Hemophilia Foundation

This is the seventh in a series of webinars focused on high cost claimants. Save the date for future in-depth sessions! A schedule of topics is below.
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For highlights from previous webinars in the High Cost Claimants series, read about the Key Insights on Rare Diseases and Key Insights on Cancer. Summary publications like these will be created after each webinar in the series.


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