Designing a Weight Management Strategy with Evidence and Empathy: Cerner's Journey to Improve Quality and the Employee Experience

Although large employers have been focused on obesity for over a decade, the topic has never been more top of mind for benefits and well-being leaders. Rates of overweight and obesity are getting worse, but our understanding of the condition – and how to treat it – is also improving. If you are one of the many companies focused on this issue and are looking for inspiration on how to refine your weight management initiative, this webinar is for you.

This session will take a deep dive into Cerner’s comprehensive weight management strategy, with a focus on how it has evolved to align with the best evidence and offer a positive employee experience. Speakers will:

  • Share the ins and outs of Cerner’s weight loss surgery program, including the selection criteria for choosing the company’s Certified Bariatric Partner; the components of the collaboration with this partner; and early results.
  • Give a preview of Cerner’s internally developed behavior-based weight management initiative, including how the organization is leveraging personalization and technology to achieve greater engagement.
  • Discuss how Cerner is designing their strategy with the employee experience in mind by addressing weight bias and aligning programs with employees’ well-being goals and needs.


Yvonne Frame, Manager, Worldwide Benefits Design, Cerner Corporation
Caitlin Rexhaj, Program Manager, Worldwide Wellness, Cerner Corporation


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