Designing a Comprehensive Fertility Benefit to Fit The Needs of Today's Workforce

More employees are pursuing fertility treatment (assisted reproductive technology or ART) as a means to start or grow their families, highlighting the need for an innovative benefits package that gets them to the most efficient and cost-effective options available. As a result, large employers are re-examining their strategy to find solutions that increase the quality of care and support while managing the total cost of treatment, leave, and related services.

Join us on April 23 to hear from Microsoft on how they partner with Progyny to provide a comprehensive fertility benefit that improves outcomes for both employee and employer.

 In this webinar:

  • Learn about Microsoft’s overall approach to fertility treatment coverage, eligibility, and total cost management.
  • Hear how an innovative plan design and patient support aligns incentives, improves adherence to evidence-based care, and increases opportunities for employees to find success.


Sonja Kellen, Director, Global Health & Wellness, Microsoft Corporation​

Julie Stadlbauer, Senior Group Vice President for Business Development, Progyny

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