National Business Group on Health Launches Rebranding Initiative to Include Global Focus

WASHINGTON, DC, January 16, 2020 — The National Business Group on Health, a non-profit association of nearly 440 employers, today announced the launch of a major rebranding initiative highlighted by the renaming of the organization to Business Group on Health. The rebrand, which also includes a new website that serves a more global membership and a new logo, reflects the organization’s worldwide reach and makeup, and commitment to serve as the most influential voice for employers on national as well as global health care issues.

Since our founding in 1974, the Business Group has been powering change in health care and connecting players with the right people while providing the resources and perspective they need to thrive.

Pam Kalen, Vice President

“Our rebranding now combines our global and U.S. based member reach capabilities in one location online, providing existing members access to international health strategy and benefit content of real value to organizations with a global footprint. This marks the next chapter in our journey to help drive change in the health care industry and better support our large employer members with their efforts to deliver cost-effective, high quality health care benefits to their employees and families.”

The Business Group’s new website was built from the ground up to be a better resource for members and industry stakeholders. The website’s architecture allows for more intuitive browsing while the revamped search function makes findings tools and resources easier than ever. The membership structure has been simplified to provide access to all global and U.S. content under one roof. The new logo was designed to embody the Business Group’s role as a forward-thinking, modern ally for members and the health care industry.

“Over the next several months, we will be introducing additional capabilities to our website, including powerful new community tools that will make it easier for members and industry players to connect with professionals around the globe. We are excited about our rebranding initiative and look forward to helping our members keep pace with and influence the rapidly changing health care landscape,” concluded Kalen.