Each year the Helen Darling Award is given to an outstanding employer who exemplifies leadership in pursuing value in health care. The award winner is recognized for delivering a comprehensive, innovative program and purchasing strategy, with a demonstrated track record of enhancing health care quality and patient experience, efficient and cost-effective use of health resources, and improvement in health outcomes.
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2024 Winner, United Airlines 
The 2024 Helen Darling Award is presented to United Airlines for their leadership in driving value in health care, novel approaches to health benefits, and commitment to prioritizing quality in the benefit programs. United Airlines is disrupting the traditional health care paradigms through their patient-centered approach which addresses member confusion and enhances access to high quality care. Their commitment to patient experience, providing access to high-quality providers in areas affected by social determinants of health, and promoting integration and collaboration among their partners, stands out as exemplary.

Winner Details

Business Group on Health presented the Helen Darling Award at the 2024 Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Quality health outcomes are essential for both our people and our business. This award reflects our team’s focus and wins in helping United team members navigate the complex health care world and access quality care in every community we serve.”

Richard Mayes, Managing Director for Health and Wellness, United Airlines

Helen Darling Award 2024
Helen Darling Award:
Excellence in Health Care Value and Innovation

The Helen Darling Award: Excellence in Health Care Value and Innovation recognizes outstanding employers that encourage the implementation of innovations that promote the efficient and cost-effective use of health care resources

Past Winners


The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company for their successful disruption of the traditional fee-for-service health care payment model and innovative shift toward value-based care.


General Motors

General Motors for demonstrating value in the health care delivery system, innovative partnerships with health care providers, and their commitment of prioritizing quality in the benefits delivered.


Cerner Corporation

Cerner Corporation for development of an innovative Center of Excellence bariatric program; a comprehensive maternity program; medical coverage for fertility treatments; and comprehensive solutions to address mental health.


Walmart Inc.

Walmart Inc. for its custom Centers of Excellence, direct contracting Accountable Care Organization relationships and management of prescription drug utilization.


Costco Wholesale Corporation

Costco Wholesale Corporation for its network strategy and leadership in addressing the behavioral health of their employees.