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Increasing Employee Assistance Program Effectiveness and Utilization: New Approaches and Emerging Trends

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are offered at 97% of large employers. However, studies show that only 5% of employees use them annually; for Business Group on Health members, the EAP utilization rate is 8%.

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Keep New Parents in the Workforce: Best Practices for Managers

Will your top talent return after having a child? According to a survey conducted by Ovia Health featured in our recently released Parent Package, nearly 1-in-3 moms don't return after having children, and of those, 40 percent felt that their large employer could have done things differently to retain them as employees.  Read More


Burnout Insights: A Conversation with Amit Sood, M.D.

 New survey data from the Business Group and Optum reveal that 19 percent of employees say their employer supports them from getting burned out at work. 

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The Vaping Epidemic: We're at Risk of Reversing a Two-Decade Decline in Youth Smoking

The statistics are alarming. Between 2017 and 2018, e-cigarette use rose by more than 75% for high school teens and by nearly 50% for middle school-age children.

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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is December 1. This year’s theme is "Communities make the difference".

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The Future of Genetic Testing & Treatments: Approaching the Tipping Point

While precision medicine and genetic testing are not new to the health care landscape, the sheer number of tests and the cost of treatments available has skyrocketed recently – with 10 new genetic tests entering the U.S. market daily.

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What Experts Say About Sleep

Who gets the most sleep? The answer may surprise you. According to Harvard Business Review, it’s senior executives.

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Workforce Strategy Attendees Head Home with a Competitive Edge

Workforce Strategy 2019’s first keynote—Kyra Bobinet—left the audience with a memorable message on moving From Bad to Badass.

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Business Health Agenda Participants Head Home with Renewed Enthusiasm to Embrace Industry Innovation

Health care in the U.S. truly appears to be at a tipping point. We’re in an era of unique opportunity for large employers to lead positive changes as pressure to create a better health care experience at reasonable costs accelerates.

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Obesity: What's Bias Got to Do With It?

Most companies know that obesity impacts their bottom line by increasing medical costs and decreasing employee productivity. Yet, the problem runs much deeper—negative attitudes toward employees who struggle with weight are pervasive and cost many employers more than they think. Read More

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