Impact & Influence: Full Report

The study examines the impact of employer communication through the eyes of the employee. Coupled with these insights are the experiences and practices of employers – producing a set of gaps and opportunities that employers can seize to improve communications today and beyond.


November 18, 2021

Examines the impact of health and well-being communication through the eyes of the employee, coupled the experiences and practices of employers.

Employers, specifically HR/benefits leaders, carry a heavy responsibility in communicating with employees about health and well-being benefits. Knowing that effective messaging and communication approaches can have lasting impact on an employee’s health, employers and their partners have long dedicated time, resources and attention to communication efforts.

The past 2 years have produced a shift in the dynamic between employees and their employers. For example, employees have come to rely more heavily on their employer to communicate clearly and in a supportive nature to help see them through the pandemic. This opportunity has allowed both employers and employees to reflect on what works—and what doesn’t—in communicating about health and well-being.

Impact & Influence: Full Report

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