Health Equity Horizon: Charting the Path Forward in 2024

Summarizes insights gleaned from interactions with Business Group members to identify key areas about global health equity to consider in the coming year.


May 30, 2024

The push toward health equity has gained momentum as many employers globally have shifted their efforts to dismantling barriers to health care access and addressing disparities affecting diverse populations. As part of this effort, Business Group on Health is supporting members with resources, educational webinars and collaborative initiatives aimed at integrating health equity into organizational policies and practices.

An important outcome of this work has been the development of key foundational dimensions integral to a health equity approach. These dimensions were leveraged by the Business Group from insights from our employer community. The goal is for these dimensions to guide an organization’s strategic efforts, which are designed to empower employers to develop more inclusive health practices that promote equitable care for all employees and their families worldwide.

Click on the icons below for data, information and standout ideas in each of these areas, which may help your organization with its own health equity strategy.

Health Care AccessSDOHEquitable EngagementInclusive Experience

Connect and Engage in Health Equity Activities at the Business Group

Maximize the benefits of your membership by engaging in these key initiatives:

Engage with the Employer Community

Dive into discussions about health equity with other employers on our dedicated online forums. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that aim to improve health outcomes across populations


Attend our events year-round:

Join monthly employer-sharing calls, engage in topical webinars, participate in our Asia Pacific virtual meeting in September and attend our hybrid meeting in Latin America in November. Discover successful strategies and programs from thought leaders who are making a significant impact on health equity


Join our Institutes:

Participate in the Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute (WWSI), Global Institute and Cost & Delivery Institute. Join a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to breaking down barriers to health access and promoting equity. Engage with experts and peers in these institutes to drive transformative changes and develop comprehensive solutions. This is your opportunity to contribute to shared goals and innovative solutions in health equity


Ask us a question:

Have specific benefits queries related to health equity? Our Business Group staff are here to help


Health Equity Horizon: Charting the Path Forward in 2024

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