Infographic: Prescription Costs and Pharmacy Benefits

Examines the role of pharmacy costs in total health care costs and strategies to manage pharmacy costs.


October 04, 2022

This survey explores the employers’ views on health and well-being, health care delivery reform, prescription drugs and health care costs.

Looking for the latest data?

Check out our 2024 Large Employer Health Care Strategy Survey, released in August 2023.

This infographic presents a visualization of the data from the 2023 Large Employers Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey focusing on pharmacy costs and management tactics. The data highlights the share of specialty pharmacy. It also provides recommendations for addressing the costs of specialty medications, including high-cost therapies. Lastly, it looks at strategies to improve affordability.

You can view the infographic by clicking the download button below.

Infographic: Prescription Costs and Pharmacy Benefits

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