14th Annual Employer-Sponsored Health and Well-being Survey: Infographic

Looking ahead to 2024 we see how health and well-being will evolve to meet the needs of employees and which initiatives are growing the fastest.


May 17, 2023

Survey of 184 large employers that focused on how well-being is evolving for 2024 and beyond.

This year’s Employer-Sponsored Health and Well-being Survey focused on how well-being strategies are evolving to meet the needs of employees. The dimensions of well-being that make up employers’ well-being strategy are expanding globally.

Dimensions of Employers’ Well-being Strategies, 2024

Dimensions of Employers’ Well-being Strategies, 2024. Mental Health: 98% U.S., 93% Outside the U.S. Physical Health: 98% U.S., 88% Outside the U.S. Financial Well-being: 99% U.S., 85% Outside the U.S. Work/Life Balance: 94% U.S., 83% Outside the U.S. Social Connectedness: 90% U.S., 76% Outside the U.S. Community: 88% U.S., 79% Outside the U.S. Job Satisfaction: 72% U.S., 59% Outside the U.S. Purpose in Life: 48% U.S., 43% Outside the U.S.

Fastest Growing Initiatives for 2024

Mental Health, Financial Well-being, Community Initiatives, Physical Health, Work/Life Balance, Social Connectedness

On-site Initiatives Stymied by the Pandemic are Slated to Return to Pre-COVID Numbers in the U.S. in 2024

71% Treadmill desks or sit-to-stand ergonomic support (70% PRE-PANDEMIC); 66% Nutritional labeling in the cafeteria (63% PRE-PANDEMIC);61% On-site yoga/ meditation classes (61% PRE-PANDEMIC); 35% On-site counseling/ therapy (33% PRE-PANDEMIC); 32% On-site lifestyle coaching (26% PRE-PANDEMIC); 25% On-site chronic condition management (23% PRE-PANDEMIC); 16% On-site childcare (16% PRE-PANDEMIC)

Incentives in 2023 and the Future

73% of employers use incentives in the U.S. in 2023. 16% of employers use incentives outside the U.S. in 2023. 43% of employers use are planning to expand incentives over the next 3-5 years.  +14 percentage points over the previous year. Employers are also looking at lifestyle spending accounts, which allow employees to reimburse a wide variety of well-being related expenses. 8% to 43%

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14th Annual Employer-Sponsored Health and Well-being Survey: Infographic

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