Quick Survey Findings: 2022 Global Priorities

In late 2021, the Global Institute fielded its fourth annual member priority survey


January 25, 2022

The events of 2020 and the changes that came with it left aftershocks on the landscape of employer health, benefits and well-being in 2021. In late 2021, the Global Institute fielded its fourth annual member priority survey. In looking towards 2022, employers identified their top priorities for the coming year, seen in Figure 1.

Regional Priorities

In the four years of conducting this survey, Global Institute members have consistently identified several similar countries that are their key priorities for the coming year, including China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom. With the pandemic’s far-reaching and varying impact around the globe, 2022 will introduce even more countries that are a high priority including Australia, Canada and Germany among others. Institute members referenced headcount, growth, well-being engagement and company restructuring as their reasoning behind identifying these regions as top priorities for 2022.

Global Priority Areas for 2022 
Figure 1: Global Priority Areas for 2022

Well-being Strategy

When it comes to well-being, global employers are most focused on strategy, communications and measurement. 48% of employers surveyed noted that establishing their well-being strategy is a key initiative for 2022. Our 2021 Global Summit sessions on Creating Effective Well-being Engagement for an Evolving Workforce and Managing Well-being Through Waves: What Have We Learned and What’s Next? highlighted the important evolution of well-being from a series of programs to a best practice approach that ties these programs together, creating a holistic, wide-reaching well-being strategy. The development of a well-being strategy produces better measurable outcomes for company performance and job satisfaction.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Mental Health has been a consistent top priority for Global Institute members. For 2022, members are focused on establishing globally consistent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offerings, and creating mental health awareness and anti-stigma campaigns. Our 2021 resource 6 Key Considerations When Assessing Global Capacity of Mental Health Providers can help global employers who may be considering working with a new mental health vendor.

Employee Experience

2022 will also be an important year for employers to focus on improving the overall experience for employees. The war for talent has persuaded employers to expand their offerings in family-friendly benefits, flexible work solutions, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), and focus heavily on improving benefits communications.

Global Consistency

At the core of all priority areas lies global consistency - providing a consistent standard of experience no matter where in the world an employee is located. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated and brought to light the inequities faced by employees around the world regarding access and availability of benefits. From rolling out globally consistent EAPs to developing a wide-reaching well-being strategy, large employers see 2022 as a key year for enacting and improving upon their global consistency strategies. Our 2021 Global Consistency Strategy Quick Survey delves deeper into the many areas that employers plan to focus on in making their benefits structure more consistent across regions.

Global Institute Members’ Global Initiatives, 2022 
Figure 2: Global Institute Members’ Global Initiatives, 2022

Quick Survey Findings: 2022 Global Priorities

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