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Pharmacy Benefit Committee
Mission & Objectives
The goal of the Pharmacy Benefit Committee (PBC) is to support the sustainability of employer-sponsored prescription drug benefits.
At a time when unprecedented price tags and foreboding pharmaceutical cost trends threaten employers’ ability to continue to provide coverage, our committee objective has become more critical than ever before. Business Group data continue to highlight high-cost therapies as the top concern for employers when it comes to managing their pharmacy benefits. This growing pain point has led to increased activity on both the medical and pharmacy side, with employers rolling out various initiatives to help curb costs and maintain the integrity of plan design.
By joining PBC, employers have an opportunity to hear from industry experts and peer innovators on cutting edge pharmacy tools and solutions and to benchmark best practices for managing pharmacy costs and ensuring patient access to high-quality pharmaceutical care.
  • Create a community of like-minded peers to learn from and support on trending pharmaceutical issues and everyday challenges;
  • Explore and harness a diversity of perspectives represented by colleagues across many aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain (e.g., pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, genetic testing companies);
  • Leverage best practices for optimizing value in pharmaceutical benefits and zeroing in on total cost of care with access to thought leadership from industry and policy experts;
  • Remain on the leading edge of industry innovation, closely following the specialty pipeline and groundbreaking advancements in precision medicine;
  • Explore and support the linkages between drug adherence, health and productivity;
  • Build an agenda for discussion topics, committee resources and products based on timely and relevant member priorities; and
  • Provide a channel for confidential sharing of ideas and experiences among PBC members.

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