Choosing a Weight-loss Program for the Workplace: 3 Keys to Long-term Behavior Change

Feb 07, 2020   |  
Webinar   |  

Obesity currently affects 40% of adults in the United States, and the CDC estimates that it will reach nearly 50% by 2030. As a person’s weight increases, so does the risk of diseases and health conditions that drive up healthcare costs. All this is happening against the backdrop of a booming wellness industry, replete with fad diets and conflicting advice. For employers seeking to implement a wellness initiative, it can be difficult to determine which weight-loss program will help their employees make lasting lifestyle changes.

This webinar will explore the importance of mindset as it relates to behavior change. You will learn about three key drivers to long term success and why it is important to choose a program grounded in these principles. We will discuss the difference between science backed and science proven, and you will gain insight into additional elements that should be considered when selecting the right wellness program for your organization.

During the webinar, you’ll hear from an organization on their experience with implementing a weight-loss program founded on these principles, and from an employee whose at-work weight-loss program hugely impacted her wellness journey.

Location & Time

February 07, 12:00 p.m. - February 07, 01:00 p.m. E.T.


    • Gary Foster, PhD, Chief Science Officer, WW (formerly Weight Watchers)
    • Michelle Martin, Vice President, Employee Engagement, CBS Corporation
    • Lynn McCormick, Director, On-Air Design, CBS Sports Network

Duration 54 min