Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute: 2022 Year in Review

In 2022, Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute members explored the trends driving the future of well-being, mental health, financial security, social determinants, health equity and other top-of-mind topics for large employers.


January 23, 2023

Together, over 65 members of the Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute shared solutions and thought leadership on today’s well-being priorities in 2022. This community forecasted new well-being trends, explored the role of leadership, culture, purpose and choice play in well-being, had robust conversations about using data and technology for engagement and evaluation and brought forward thoughtful, innovative solutions related to timely well-being topics, from obesity to financial security. See the Well-being & Workforce Strategy’s Year in Review for more details.

Well-being & Workforce Strategy Institute: 2022 Year in Review

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