Addressing Mental Health From a Global and Local Perspective

Business Group members consistently rank mental health as one of their top focus areas for their global workforces. The challenge is how to develop a strategy that is both globally effective while also being highly locally relevant in each of their worldwide locations.

April 30, 2020

This comprehensive guide outlines how companies can be aware of how access, cost, coverage, stigma and other challenges vary in different markets, and highlights company strategies, country snapshots and resources that may be useful as they implement their programs around the world.

Mental health is a critical issue around the world. It is especially relevant to global employers because of its impact on productivity, well-being and the bottom line. Consider the following numbers:



The estimated percentage of the global population who experienced a mental health disorder in 2017,1 although accurate data in many countries is difficult to obtain due to stigma and poorly defined and understood measurement techniques.


$1 trillion

The estimated cost of depression and anxiety to the global economy (in USD).4


1 in 4

The estimated prevalence of mental health disorders among the adult population in the U.S. and the U.K.2,3



Percentage of the total global burden of disease attributed to untreated mental disorders.5


91 million

Workdays lost annually in the U.K. due to mental health disorders.5



According to a World Health Organization-led study, the estimated return on investment for every $1 put into scaled up treatment for common mental health disorders.4

While there have been substantial efforts made by some countries and organizations to improve the mental health of populations and employees, a significant amount of work remains, and the response has not yet been proportional to the significant need.

Addressing Mental Health from a Global and Local Perspective: Introduction and Full Guide

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