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Global Institute
Mission & Objectives
The mission of the Global Institute is to better enable multinational companies to succeed in their global agenda to support their worldwide workforce.
The health, well-being and benefits landscape is a difficult one, but the challenges are exponentially greater when your responsibilities include developing and implementing a strategy and programmes across multiple countries. As a global professional, you’re faced with ever-changing regulatory environments, mergers and acquisitions, a mobile workforce crossing borders, lack of harmonization in programmes, lack of consistency in virtual solutions, multiple languages, cultural nuance, rising costs, data and measurement needs, differing underlying public health systems, and variation in the local insured market.
Yet, your biggest barrier is often limited resources.
By joining the Global Institute, members magnify the resources at their disposal, because the Institute’s objectives are designed to meet your practical needs. As you continue on your global journey, be assured that you don’t have to travel it alone.
  • Create a community of like-minded global peers to learn from and support on trending issues and everyday challenges;
  • Exposure to a diversity of perspectives represented by colleagues in varied roles (chief medical officers, global well-being leaders, global benefits leaders, occupational health professionals, global health leaders) and geographical locations. Representative colleagues from each region include those with responsibility globally, regionally and locally; and
  • Exposure to a network of country expertise: Current Institute companies have a collective presence in over 190 countries, offering access to a wealth of experience to leverage.

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