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National Business Group on Health Awards Programs

Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Award
Helen Darling Award for Excellence and Innovation in Value Purchasing
Innovation in Advancing Health Equity Award

Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Award

Congratulations to the 55 companies that won the 2016 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Award. The Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® award program recognizes companies for their innovative and comprehensive approaches to employee, family, and community health and well-being. The main objectives of the award program are to promote external and internal recognition of effective programs and best practices and provide opportunities for sharing and comparing interventions, outcomes and success strategies.

The Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Global Distinction program recognizes companies with established approaches to positively impacting the physical, psychological and emotional health, well-being and productivity of their global employees and their dependents.

If your company is a leader in health promotion and workplace well-being in the U.S. or globally, apply for the recognized and respected Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® or the Global Distinction award.

Visit the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® website.


Helen Darling Award for Excellence and Innovation in Value Purchasing

The Helen Darling Award for Excellence and Innovation in Value Purchasing recognizes outstanding employers, executives, and programs that encourage the efficient and cost-effective use of health care resources and have a demonstrated track record of controlling health care costs while ensuring employees and their families receive high-quality health care.

Award Objectives:

  • Provide positive reinforcement for those that are doing the right things in health care purchasing;
  • Motivate corporations to be more active in supporting creative and innovative value purchasing initiatives, for example, newer models like patient-centered primary care, accountable care organizations and narrow networks of top tier providers; and
  • Spotlight employer-led payment or delivery system reforms to motivate other payers and partners to embark on a similar journey.

Submission process: Eligible companies/programs are selected by an internal award nomination committee.

2015 Winner

Intel Corporation for its outstanding track record and commitment to increasing value in health care purchasing, and for its leadership role in helping to change the face of employer-sponsored health care benefits.

Prior Winners (show details)

2014 Eric Craven for his leadership and commitment to the health, productivity, and overall well-being of PepsiCo's employees and families.
2013 Kathleen Angel for her visionary leadership and many contributions to thought leadership, effective benefits strategies, and health care delivery system reform.
2012 Bob Ihrie for his leadership and commitment to employee health, productivity, overall well-being.
2011 Michael Davis for his leadership and commitment to employee health, productivity, overall well-being, wellness and cost management
2010 Martín Sepúlveda, MD, for his leadership and vision in global corporate health and productivity and for his role as a driving force for making primary care the cornerstone of a reinvigorated health care system.
2009 Catherine Baase, MD and Pamela Hymel, MD, for their leadership, innovation and vision in making advances in the extremely important health and productivity field.
2008 Wayne Burton, MD, Dee Edington, Ph.D., Ron Goetzel, Ph.D., for establishing the theoretical and quantitative foundation for what we know as health and productivity or the total health management approach to health care and benefits.
2007 Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University and Medical Institutions, for her development of the business case to drive patient-centered primary care in health care delivery reform.
2006 HealthPartners for their innovative programs that measure and reward quality health care including bundled measures
2005 Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH, for his national leadership in addressing health systems performance, quality patient outcomes, and value purchasing issues over two decades
2004 PacifiCare Health Systems, for its plan with networks based on quality and efficiency
2003 Don Berwick, MD, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, for his pioneer work on patient safety and quality


Innovation in Advancing Health Equity Award

Addressing and ensuring health equity should be essential components of any employer's health care benefits strategy, especially for organizations that value and thrive with a diverse workforce. The Innovation in Advancing Health Equity Award, formerly the Innovation in Reducing Health Care Disparities Award, recognizes companies that are helping employees achieve optimal health and well-being through initiatives that reduce disparities and promote health equity.

2016 Winners:
      American Express
      Rochester High Blood Pressure Collaborative: Paychex, Wegmans and Xerox

Read the press release for more information about the 2016 award winners.

Visit the Health Equity award page for award submission criteria.

Visit the Health Equity & Disparities page to learn what employers can do to reduce disparities and advance health equity.



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